Monday, May 08, 2006

This rant is brought to you by the letters P, M & S

Dear dumbass I work for:

As much as I would love to hold your hand while you do the job you have been doing since I was 8 years old I just do not have the time. See, if I walk you through every single step of your job when will I have time to do mine? I also don't care about your kids, husband, money troubles (especially when you make more than me and my hubby combined), the fact you live in the ghetto, you nephew's green hair or anything else. Just leave me the fuck alone so I can get my work done because I know that if I don't I will hear you bitch about it tomorrow for 20 fucking minutes!

Sincerely -
Your pissed off employee

Dear morons I work with:

I am only one person. I do the job that 2 full time people and 1 part time person used to do. I just can not get to everything the very second you ask. Also, if you call me every 5 minutes wondering where something is it will take me 300 times longer to get your shit done. Please go away before I stab you with my knitting needle.

Sincerely -
The angry bitch at the end of the hall
PS If it is between 12pm and 1pm, I am knitting and I have food in front of me I AM NOT WORKING - GO AWAY AND COME BACK AFTER LUNCH!

I feel slightly better now. I can't believe I have updated 3 days in a row. Don't get used to it - I know I won't be able to update again until at least Thursday. I am still working on my shawl and I started the mid-March KAL from the dishcloth group that I never knitted. This is a short row pattern and I am loving it - it is very addicting. Now I am off to eat ice cream, knit and watch David Blaine. Yes I know it is completely stupid but I can't help myself - I love cheesy tv like this. Until next time ....

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