Saturday, May 27, 2006

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since I last updated. I will try and see if I can recreate what has happened. Last Friday the 19th I left for Dallas. My boss and I had a customer service training to go to. It actually was not that bad going with her. I socialized with people from other offices and did not sit next to her at the training session so I really only had to deal with her on the way there and back. At least on the way back it was late (10 pm our time - 9 pm in Dallas) when we left and she had been up since 4 am so she went to sleep. I was able to read my book in peace. I'm rereading The DaVinci Code before I see the movie and she felt the need to give me her priests opinion and why I should not read the book because her priest said so. Hello - I'm not even Catholic! Why should I care if her priest thinks I should read the book or not? It was hotter than Hades in Dallas - 98 degrees in May. I can only imagine how hot it get in July and August. No thanks - to hot for me.

On Tuesday the hubby got free tickets to the Pistons game from the president of his company. It was such a blast - even though they lost. I banged my thundersticks together so hard I broke one and it deflated. My hubby was nice enough to give me one of his - he's so sweet! I took my camera but we were not in the good seats we normally sit in so they are sort of far away.

Here is Shaq being introduced. He was booed very loudly.

Here is my boy Rip being introduced to the crowd. I need to get his jersey to wear - maybe for my birthday.

On Wednesday I went to an American Idol/Lost finale party. I am so happy my boy Taylor won - soul patrol! I can not wait for his album to come out. As far as Lost goes I'm pretty proud of myself - I had already figured out (sort of) how the plane crashed. I figured it had something to do with the electromagnetic thing in the hatch when we first learned about it at the start of the season. Next year should be interesting.

Finally, today the hubby and I went to the Rochester Heritage Festival at the park across from our apartment complex. We first went the pancake breakfast at the community house and then walked around the festival. I forgot my camera so I did not get any pictures of the civil war reenactment or the other cool things they had there. After we left he went to the Electronic Music Festival downtown and I came home to read, nap and knit. It has been a nice day.

I completed the May Mid-Month KAL the other day. It was done in memory of Andi's (the group owner) grandmother. As someone who has a history of heart disease in her family (grandpa, grandma, aunt and 2 uncles on my dad's side) this was a wonderful message to get out to everyone. Details as always are here. I had to frog my shawl and I have not worked much on it this past week. I really need to get going on that if I want to have it done by my birthday at the end of next month. I am also working on the lacey mock cable cloth from the Dishcloth Boutique and the next KAL begins on June 1st. I better get those fingers knitting. Until next time ....

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