Monday, November 06, 2006

A dishcloth, a fuzzy foot and your civic duty

So there has actually been some knitting and some finishing around here. First up I finished the November KAL for the dishcloth group.

If you can not tell it is a turkey. This was a nice mindless knit for when I was watching TV. As always the details are located here

Here is the first completed fuzzy foot. Please ignore my sun, moon and stars pajama pants (oh so sexy). I finished the knitting on this yesterday and then dutifully went to knitting help and watched the video on the kitchener stitch so I could finish this up. However, after going through the contents of my notions bag 3 times I realized I had managed to lose not one but two tapestry needles. Oh well, I just ran out to Michaels at lunch today to get some new ones. I actually did not mind kitchener. People make it sound like water torture but it was easy to me. Now I am about a half inch into the cuff of the second foot. Once that is done I think I will try to hand felt them. The part of living in this apartment that sucks is that we do not have our own machines and it costs $1.25 to wash each load. Needless to say machine felting is not easy to do.

Finally, I will leave you with this friendly reminder. Tomorrow is election day so do not forget to vote. There are no excuses - the polls are open from 7am to 8pm so you can find 10 minutes to go in and do your duty. This reminder has been brought to you by this crazy knitting poli-sci major. Until next time ....

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Amanda said...

I love your pajamas. Will you be wearing those on Wednesday? ;-)