Tuesday, December 05, 2006

No knitting but here's a meme

So since I have no knitting to show you (but maybe another completed dishcloth on Thursday - yipee!)here is a meme. I saw this over at Sherry's blog and thought it was interesting. So here I present the list of celebrities - male and female - I think are hot.

- Antonio Banderas (even with the being married to Melanie Griffith thing)
- Colin Farrell (gotta love those bad boys)
- Taye Diggs
- Jennifer Aniston (I love her nose)
- Jamie Foxx (why does blogger spellcheck want to change this to Jaime?)
- Heath Ledger
- Jensen Ackles (Dean on CW's Supernatural)
- Josh Lucas
- Reese Witherspoon
- Matthew Fox (especially all hot and sweaty on Lost)
- Nicole Kidman (us pasty white girls have to stick together)
- Keith Urban (Nicole is so lucky)
- David Beckam
- Tim McGraw
- Will Smith

There are also several people I could put on a "Celebrities Everyone Else Thinks Are Hot but I don't Get it" list but I will leave you with two.

- Angelina Jolie (she is just plain skanky and weird!)
- Johnny Depp (he just seems so dirty to me)

Feel free to answer - I would be interested to see what other people think. Until next time ....

1 comment:

del said...

I know what you mean about Antonio--I don't get M.G. AT ALL.

Daniel Craig (the new Bond) has really grown on me lately. And Will Smith? It's hard for me to look at "Fresh Prince" & remember him that way because his hotness has increased 100 times since then.