Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging!

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful comments on my last entry. The funeral service was nice and hubby's crazy extended family all behaved themselves. I have been working the Weight Watchers Points program to lose weight. It is going pretty well and I think I have lost some pounds. I have not weighed myself because we do not have a scale. I plan on going to Target sometime this week and will get a basic one. However, the pants I wore to my FIL's funeral kept falling down so that's a good sign!

I have just uploaded some FOs from my blogging hiatus on my Finished Objects page. There are some bookmarks and dishcloths. I am now working on a baby blanket for my cousin and his girlfriend. It has to be done for their shower on Saturday and I'm not sure if I am going to make it. All other WIPs have been put aside so I can concentrate totally on the blanket.

Finally, I leave you with my April and May mosiac for Project Spectrum. There was not as much pink, green and yellow as I would like and I have a feeling this triad will be even more sparse. I may need to step it up a bit.

Until next time ....

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Larjmarj said...

Do you find that knitting with cotton for dish cloths is a little trying on your hands? Right now I am having a little thumb tendonitis and I'm blaming the cotton dish cloths that I just cranked out.
Best of luck on the weight watchers program, I hear it's one of the more realistic one's out there.