Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wings Win!!!!

So our beloved Red wings just won their 4th Stanley Cup in 11 years. That's not to shabby. While watching the finals this year I had a few random thoughts.

- It's nice to see the old farts beat the young studs.
- The baby blanket I have been knitting during the last 6 games will now be dubbed Stanley.
- That Fleury kid is one amazing goaltender.
- I was not that impressed with the next coming Sidney Crosby. He only had one good game and he was a big whiner. Yes he is only 20 but with the man love all the announcers gave him I expected more.
- Nick Lidstrom is still one good looking man!

Until next time ....


Purl said...

Woo hoo! Nice to see you online.

Larjmarj said...

I agree go all points!

Was nice to see the cup come back to Detroit.