Monday, April 12, 2010

Whats On the Needles?

So I am down to 2 projects on the needles. Well technically 3 but one has been sleeping for quite awhile so we'll just ignore that one. So here is what I have been knitting.

These are my Charade Socks. The yarn is Red Heart (gasp) Heart & Sole in Tequila Sunrise. The yarn is surprisingly nice to work with. I bought it on clearance so I figured $6 was worth the gamble to try it. The color is pretty intense but I figure on your feet you can afford to go a little crazy.

This is my Alix's Prayer Shawl. The yarn was first going to be an Icarus but I just could not get into that pattern. I thought I was finally getting the pattern down but last night I screwed up something so my counts are off again. I am hoping it will be an easy fix but I am a little scared to look at it again tonight.

Finally, our daycare lady does photography on the side. On Friday she did a My Day craft project where she took pictures of the kids doing each activity during the day. She took this picture of Clark playing outside and sent it to me. She said he looked like a little model and I have to agree.

How did I get such a handsome kid? Until next time ....


Channon said...

Pretty knits. I happen to like the Heart 'n Sole yarn, actually. (Should I apologize when I say that?)

Great photo of your little one.

Shorty said...

To answer your question; you have a handsome kid because he has a lovely mother and a handsome father!

Robin said...

Really like the colors of that sock and the prayer shawl design is great. I love the idea of gifting a shawl for comfort. They just feel so good to wear. Very handsome young one!

g-girl said...

that is a great shot of charles! i'm with robin-i'm liking the colors of your sock and the prayer shawl. hope both are coming along okay.