Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Today's topic is 10 Things You Like About Where You Live

1) That we have 4 distinct seasons. Even though I do not like winter AT ALL I do love the other 3 seasons.
2) Our city is very family friendly. There are always activities for kids and families going on in our little downtown area.
3) The people. It is no secret that our state has had a very rough go of it in the last few years. However, the people of this state continue to face tough times with grace and dignity.
4) Our library. They have great programs for kids and I always can find whatever book I am looking for.
5) That we are close enough that we can be in the city in 30 minutes and in the middle of nowhere in a few hours.
6) That we have 4 professional sports teams and 2 major college sports programs nearby.
7) The Upper Peninsula. To me there is no better place to be than our cabin in the Keweenaw.
8) The Great Lakes. Michigan has more registered boat owners than any other state for a reason.
9) Being so close to Canada. I spent many drunk weekends in Windsor between 19 and 21.
10) The fact that the people I love the most are here.

I am looking forward to reading about where you all live. Until next time ....


Channon said...

Somehow, I'd missed where you live, so I'm glad you shared! A couple of my friends have strong ties (one has a vacation home on the UP)to your home state as well!

g-girl said...

jealous that you're so close to Canada and of the great lakes. oh and definitely jealous of your library!!