Saturday, August 28, 2010

Not One but Two

I have not one but two finished objects to share with you. I am amazed that in two nights I managed to complete two projects. Of course it always seems to be feast or famine around here with the knitting.

First up is a baby hat for our daycare lady, Miss Amy. This is to match the baby blanket I finished for her earlier this month. The pattern is the Quick and Easy Baby Hat and it lives up to its name. I used the Magix Loop method for the second time with this hat. The method is ok but I find it a bit fiddly and it will never be my go to way to knit in the round. Details are located here and here.

Next up are my Undecided Socks. This is the Charade pattern and I really enjoyed it. Again it was easy to memorize but interesting enough to keep your interest. The Herringbone pattern made for a tighter fabric so they are a little tighter than my normal socks but that is ok by me. I hate loose and saggy socks! The yarn is Heart and Sole by Red Heart and I snagged it on clearance for $6. The yarn is not to bad and I am interested to see how it wears. Details are located here and here.

Next up a pair of booties for Miss Amy's baby. I also have a lady preganant with twins at work I need to knit for. I also found a pattern I like for Clark's Christmas Vest but it is colorwork and I am a bit scared to try it. I guess I really need to get knitting if I want to finish all these projects, huh? Until next time ....

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g-girl said...

fo's have been few and far between for me as well. too bad we can't just stay at home for a living. ;)everything looks great! i don't like saggy socks either! :P