Monday, February 25, 2013

FO: Suck It Shawl

I have been on a bit of a shawl kick. I have been adding patterns to my queue lately like it is going out of style. Of course the shawl knitting has been a bit slow around here but that has been remedied. I now present my Suck It Shawl.

The pattern is Anonymous Vampire by Terri Krause which was kindly gifted to me by Rainebear. The yarn is a mystery wool that I received in a yarn swap at Knit-topia a couple of years ago. It is a bit rough but did soften some with blocking. I will probably need to reblock this using blocking wires since it is very small. I knew it would be but it is even smaller than  I thought it would be. I did use a smaller needle so I should have done an extra repeat because I had enough yarn. Oh well lesson learned I guess. All in all though it was a great and easy pattern and I am happy with it. Until next time ....

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A :-) said...

Yes, I found it to be very small, also :-)