Saturday, February 08, 2014

FO: Clark's Scarf

When your 5 year old asks you to please make him a scarf how can you resist? I certainly can't. We had already dyed the yarn so I went onto search for a pattern. I wanted something that would not be to complicated but would keep my attention as well. I decided to look for a ribbed pattern and came across the Tipsy Rib Scarf which was perfect. The boy seems very happy with his scarf.

He said thank you about 20 times when I gave it to him and has worn it everyday since. He even slept with it the night it was finished. The only problem is now he wants one for his polar bear. At least that one will be quick! Until next time ....


Linda said...

He is precious! I can see why you could not resist knitting him his heart's desire of a scarf! He is wearing it well!

Linda in VA

Sandra said...

that smiling face makes it all worthwhile!