Monday, March 03, 2014

28 Day Challenge Complete

I mentioned that the end of January that I was taking on Sock Bunny's challenge to work out 30 minutes for the month of February. Well I managed to complete the challenge. I have learned quite a bit from this challenge.

1) I really can do anything if I want to
2) Even with a migraine I can pedal the stationary bike. I did not work up a sweat that day but I still did it.
3) A carrot works much better for me than a stick
4) Even with exercising every day you will still gain weight if you eat like crap

I celebrated meeting the challenge by taking Saturday and Sunday off. However I was back at it this morning and plan on working out 5 days a week from now on. I also need to pick out my reward yarn. Until next time ...

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Margaret said...

Congratulations, Kristy! It's quite an accomplishment. I tried to do a 30-day plank challenge, but wasn't able to stay in plank position for more than 3 minutes.