Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lets Go On A Quest

A few months ago I was listening to an episode of the Elise Gets Crafty podcast and she was interviewing Chris Guillebeau on the subject of quests. Chris had a quest to visit every country in the world and he turned that process into a book. He found as he interviewed others about their own quests that having a long term goal to work towards provides people with a sense of accomplishment, purpose and happiness.

This episode really made me think about what quests I wanted to pursue in my own life. There is nothing in my past that comes directly to mind when I think of a quest but knowing myself I am sure that there was something that I did at some point – even unconsciously – that could qualify. I have come up with a few quests that I want to take on in my own life.

1) Read all of Agatha Christie's books: this is actually something I decided to do before I heard this podcast. I love mysteries and a few years ago I found this list of her books and the order they should be read in. I have actually started this quest and have read ---- of her books already.

2) Read all Sherlock Holmes books: my DH has to have the radio on at night and we listen to old time radio shows. The one internet channel plays a lot of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. This has given me the urge to actually read the stories. 

3) Knit all of Martina Behm’s patterns: I have knit several of her patterns and she has become my favorite knit wear designer. Her designs meet my main criteria for patterns – they are easy to memorize but not mind numbingly boring.

On the podcast Elise and Chris were talking about how you should put a deadline on your quest to keep you on track. For me that seems to suck some of the fun out of it. I use deadlines a lot to motivate me but I do not want to do that for these things. There are so many other books and patterns to knit that I do not want to put that pressure on myself. Plus, until Martina decides to no longer design knitting patterns that quest will not be complete. 

What are some quests that you have undertaken? Did you put a deadline on yourself or let it happen more naturally?

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