Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The I Love Edition

With Valentine’s Day being this weekend this week Carol has asked us to finish the statement “I love” 10 times. She said that she is going to list things not people and I will also do the same.

1) I love listening to podcasts to get me through the long work day

2) I love Cherry Coke Zero but am trying to cut down on how much I drink

3) I love junk food much to my waist line’s chagrin

4) I love getting lost in a good book

5) I love my DVR 

6) I love that my knitting mojo has come back

7) I love that I am actually making some progress on my goals

8) I love when my anxiety dies down a bit

9) I love long weekends like the one I have coming up

10) I love our library since they have so many great programs for kids


Donna said...

Podcasts get me through my days as well!

Paula Kaye said...

I used to have a podcast that I listened to on my way to work everyday. I need to find some more podcasts to fall in love with. Loved you list!

Kym said...

What a great, heartfelt list of LOVES!