Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Fromage Edition

The topic for this week is 10 Favorite Kinds of Cheese. Now I LOVE cheese so this is a topic after my own heart.

1) Mozzarella – I used to sneak handfuls of it when my mom would make her homemade pizza

2) Brie – I used to eat s hunk of Brie with a baguette for dinner all the time when we were first married and I did not really cook. No wonder I gained 50 pounds in a year.

3) Saganaki – or as we call it in my family Opa cheese

4) Provolone – I love this on my subs

5) American – nothing beats a good old grilled cheese made with Kraft Singles

6) Gorgonzola – I love this one on a steak or in steak pasta

7) Cream cheese – the honey walnut flavor from Panera is a favorite

8) Boursin – I make a yummy chicken breast stuffed with the cheese and wrapped in bacon

9) Swiss – I love this with Triscuits for some reason

10) Cheddar – not too sharp though

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