Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ten on Tuesday: The Graduation Edition

In honor of Carole’s daughter graduating from college last weekend the topic for this week is 10 Things You Would Say If You Gave a Commencement Address.

1) You may not end up working in the field you studied and that is ok
2) Begin saving money early
3) Do not buy a lot of unnecessary things when you get your first job
4) Take time to travel while you are still young
5) Do not be afraid to take some risks in life
6) Take the time to stay in touch with your friends as you go your separate ways
7) Be easy on your parents – it is not easy for them to let go
8) Take care of your physical health
9) Find a passion in life even if you never make a living at it
10 Remember that no matter what nothing is ever as bad as it seems

1 comment:

kathy b said...

Find a passion...LOVE THAT!