Monday, March 07, 2016

Monday Musings

Since I missed my Five on Friday post this past week I have decided to do a quick post that I am calling Monday Musings.

1) Clark and I went to Lego Time at the library the Saturday before last. He built a house and I love watching his imagination come out. He tells me what he wants and I go searching the buckets for it. I think he likes telling me what to do more than the actual building!

2) Last Monday we had a meeting with the school psychologist. Clark is due for his 3 year evaluation to make sure that he is still eligible to receive special education benefits. They also want him evaluated for emotional impairment and autism spectrum disorder. I cannot say that anything he brought up came out of the blue but it is not something you ever want to hear.

3) Last week our VP came to town from Indianapolis and held a staff meeting. He spent 45 minutes telling us how our company is experiencing a very strange time in the past couple of years where we will have a good quarter and then a bad quarter then another good quarter. All this to tell us that there will be no raises this year. Oh well at least I still have a job and corporate management  will be reviewing at the end of each quarter to see if they can provide raises later in the year.

4) I did not finish my projects to receive bonus points for February for winter camp. I am a bit disappointed but I am hoping to get some for March.

5) Last Wednesday was a snow day for Clark so I has a work from home day again. He was so good and left me pretty much alone during the day. Of course that was a full day of IPad/Xbox/TV so he was pretty happy.

Here are some pictures for the week.

Clark's Lego creation

Clark with his house

Starting Rye sock #2

I am addicted to chocolate mug cakes

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A :-) said...

I hope Clark's testing goes well.